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Greek Vineyard
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The most popular wine of Papargyriou estate, a blend of Moschoudi and Assyrtiko. Moschoudi is the small grapes Moschato of Rio Patras. Here it is combined with the mighty Assyrtiko both grown in mountain vineyard in Sofiana Korinthias, at an altitude of 850 meters and together they give a wine that stands out for its rich aroma, both in the nose and mouth, but also very fine aftertaste.

Alcohol Percentage 12.5%
Country - Origin Greece
Color White
Wine Type Dry
Bottle Size 750 ml
Greeκ Producers Papargyriou Estate
Greeκ Areas Korinthia
Greek Varieties Asirtiko, Mosxoudi
Suggested with Shellfish, Chicken, Fruits, Grilled Fish